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Over Sea, Over Sky, and Overcast

An England/Spain Community

Bad Fathers; An England/Spain/England community
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An England/Spain/England community for Axis Powers Hetalia.

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♥ Be respectful to other members! Let's be civil with our criticism and such, okay?
♥ You're allowed to post any content as long as it relates to England/Spain/England! As long as most of the focus is on them, then your stories can still have side pairings.
♥ Discussion's also allowed! Encouraged, even.
♥ If you're going to post an artwork or fanfiction, please use the format below! Also, if it's in your post, please put it behind a cut. You don't have to do this if you're just linking to your journal!
♥ If posting icons, then you're allowed to post up to three of them as a preview! The rest should go under a cut or be linked to your journal.
♥ If the content of your work is NSFW, or if it's doujinshi, then please lock it and put the appropriate tags on it.
♥ When posting fanworks that aren't your own, please ask the creator first, and then credit them if they approve
Russia/America-russiamerica America/Canada-usaxcanada Baltics-baltic_nations Spain/Romano-tomatoamado Estonia-binary_genius Sealand/Latvia-toy_armada Poland-europesbicycle France/England-what_the_fruk

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